Monday, November 15, 2010

Recovery is an active process

If you are familiar with the 12 step program, note the action words in each of the 12 steps: Admit, Come, Decided, Make, Become, Ask, Continue, Seek, Share. Recovery is an "ACTIVE" process, which requires great mental and spiritual energy, especially early in the process, with continuing diligence for the rest of your life.

We must put into our recovery the same amount, or even more than we did into our addictions. Addictions are hard to keep up...the lies, the secrecy, the search for our "substances", financing our addictions...etc.etc.  Our recovery will require just as much effort. Recovery will require maintenance for the rest of our lives...But the effort behind recovery, in the end, will be far more satisfying and fulfilling than that of addiction.

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