Thursday, August 5, 2010


Your first thoughts might be, " Are there mountains in Texas?" The answer is yes there are; more like hills, than great majestic mountain, but mountains is what they are called. We even have our own miniature grand canyon.
The land is vast here, and varies from each corner of the state. We have deserts, mountains, trees, hills etc. Just depends on where you are at. Some parts are humid, while others are bone dry. I love it here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
I have been contemplating how this great land could help me in my Rehab facility and programs. Do I really want a facility? Or do I want a wilderness program? Or could I have both? 
Many ideas have been swimming in my head, and I do feel that wilderness programs have greatly benefited and helped many addicts, know a man who helps run one, and know an individual who attended one, enjoyed it and learned from it. Definitely something to look into!