Friday, December 10, 2010


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Step 7- Humility

"Humbly ask Heavenly Father to remove your shortcomings."

Humility being the keyword. We must always approach the Lord with reverence and with our pride stripped from us.

 I have been pondering the action words here,  " ask to have your shortcomings removed". I believe it to be a righteous desire, one worth asking...but I think even greater, to be coupled with that, is to have the courage "to give" them to Him. 

How can we show the Lord that we desperately want them removed if we still hang on to them, can't quite let go of them. We must surrender them unto the Lord in order for Him to take them from us. He will never remove from us our free will.

Have the humility to bare all to our God, Ask for him to remove our weaknesses and shortcomings, but have the courage and the faith to give them away.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A note from the spouse of an addict

What am I supposed to say this time? Some days I am able to sit with you, hold you, love you, encourage you, remind you that things will get better, that you will get better. Then there are days like today. Days when I am so angry; The days I think you just wont ever get it, the days I want to tell you what an idiot you are and how you are destroying our family, how I pretend that I trust you but really don't, but fear that if you really knew how I felt you would give up and say, "whats the point, no one else believes I can, so why should I try".

When is enough, enough? When does one finally get to that point where they realize they must change? Change for themselves, not for everyone around them. I know that people can change, and I know that God can help them change. The hard part is knowing whether or not you really want to change.

I know there will be relapses, I just wasn't expecting this one. I am usually good about them, but today I am not. Today I am hurt, today I am angry, and today I am going to be honest with you and with myself. You are not the only one you are hurting. WE are hurting too, and much of OUR hurt is due to consequences of your actions. Love and support and kindness will come, but today I think I'm going to let myself grieve.