Monday, April 5, 2010

Is Food really an addiction

This topic has come about recently and I felt the need and the desire to address it.

Food can be an addiction

Just about anything in excess can become an addiction of some sort. The difficulty with food is that if it does become an addiction, it is extremely difficult to overcome, and the process to overcomming it are different because food is needed to sustain life. We cant go without it.

So are we really addicted to food...
Well, here are some basic symptoms of someone who is probably suffering with food addiction:
  • Eats to relieve worry or stress
  • Eats untill they feel sick          
  • Overeats because the food is there
  • Feels guilty when they overeat
  • Hides food so they can eat it later when no one is around to watch or notice what they are eating
  • Obsessed with thoughts about food or eating
Having one or more of these symptoms doesn't mean that you are addicted to food. However, if you are concerned you should speak with a trained professional who is qualified to help you and diagnos you. There are many avenues of help out there and many others who understand what it is you are going through and are willing to uplift and support you through this process.

Here are some websites to check out

And support groups: