Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have decided to enter a competition called Idea Wichita Falls. It is put on by our local colleges school of business. The idea is to find small business or persons with grand ideas to submit their ideas for start up funding. They will be awarding the individual with the best business plan ( not necessarily the best idea) close to $30,000 as well as other services and incentives.

Many of you know my desires to create my own addiction center, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to raise capital to jump start my process. I have worked hard over the last year at writing my business plan and researching this field so I can better grasp what it is that I am getting myself into. I know that this is something that the Lord has inspired me to do. I have been given very specific promises and I am going to see this through regardless of the nay sayers and the challenges that may lie ahead of me. Please pray for me and my behalf, and wish me luck in this competition!