Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem

You are the reason I am clean today

A young girl introduced herself, "Hi, my name is....." and declared, "I am an addict!" Tears fell from her eyes, down her cheeks, off her chin and into her lap. She was a young girl beaten, and Meth had definately been the one winning. She had fallen into the absolute depths of despair and sorrow, clawing for solid ground, hoping that someone would take her by the hand and lift her from this place.

She recounted her history of drug abuse, her families rejection and inability to see that she was reaching out for help; hopeless and unable to help herself, wanting desperately to be set free from the chains that continued to hold her captive. Not knowing where else to turn, she came to NA with a story, and a small sliver of hope.

Others continued to share stories of failures and of success, many directed at her in the hopes of lifting her, encouraging her, giving her that small piece of solid ground she is grasping around for.

The one next to me is prompted to take his turn. He states, "Hi, my name is Bryan....and I am an Addict." He then pauses a moment, looks across at this hauntingly skinny girl, who's hair is falling out, eyes red from crying and declares, "You are the reason I am clean today."

" I remember that place....too well. I have lost everything! My wife, my children, my family, my home. No one wanted to support me, no one believed that I could or can change. I hated that place, I despise that place, I desired nothing but death to consume me for I could not bear the loss, the dissapointment, or the physical torment of withdrawing. You needed support tonight from others, but I needed you. I needed to be reminded where I never want to be again...where I never can be again because I won't survive it."

I begin to cry, realizing what had just happened and what had surpassed between this young girl and the man next to me. The strenght that each drew from one another, hearing and finding some things they needed to bouy them up and assist in keeping them clean one more day, realizing the importance and need for NA, for support groups, and the need to be understood by someone who has traveled along the same path.

My own tears are now flowing freely. I had witnessed a strength pass between two strangers; I had witnessed defeated men and women, I had witnessed a genuine concern and love for another,I had witnessed a brighter hope, I had witnessed a declaration and a desire to remain clean.

But the greatest was to witness this man declare," You are the reason I am clean today...and You are the reason I can Never go back!" This man is brother inlaw, and it wasn't long ago that he was in this young girls position; Lost, frightened, sick, and Alone...hoping for someone to lift him from that place and offer them a piece of solid ground to cling to.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Teen and young adults

After much fasting and prayer, I have decided to make my main focus in the teen and young adult programs. Through my research and disscussion with a friend whom is also a drug counselor found that the success rate is greater with this age group. Kinda like the saying, "can't teach an old dog new tricks".

Although I believe that anyone can changed at any age if THEY truly want it, I feel impressed that this is where I am needed most. Young adults are still pliable, still moldable and not so set in their ways; often times yearn for the ear of another to listen to how they really feel, not be told how they should feel. From there we can teach them how to cope with those feelings and chanel themselves and teach them skills that they can use to enrich their lives forever.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Experts have long known that addiction can negatively affect all family members and disrupt family relationships. But recent studies have also shown that recovery from addiction can also exert great strain on family members and family relationships at the very time family relationships have to be readjusted to meet the realities and demands of recovery. Here are several things family members can do to help speed these adjustments:

1. Educate yourself on the recovery process for individuals and families.

2. If your recovering family member is living with you, provide a sober environment to support that recovery.

3. Seek professional and peer support (from a group like Al-Anon) for your own physical and emotional health. Support your family member's involvement in treatment aftercare meetings and recovery support groups.

4. Assist the recovering family member with assistance in locating sober housing, employment, child care, transportation or other recovery support needs.

5. Assertively re-intervene in the face of any relapse episode.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Narcotics Anonymous

Started going to A.A, and N.A this week. All I have to say is WOW! Totaly overwhelming. It is amazing to see that many of these people truly are good people...just stuck in a situation they so desperately want to get out of and not sure how they wound up there. Very humbling experience!
More to share on that subject soon.

Friday, January 1, 2010


So I know you are thinking, "What in the world does Alpaca's have to do with a rehab center?"
Well, let me tell you. I wanted animals to begin with as a form of therapy. I think it is important to have something to do, to work at and to work on while detoxing and recovering from substance addiction. It is a great teaching and learning experience to take care of something and have something depend upon YOU.
The other reasons are purely selfish ones, but need to be addressed as well. You see, I have always had this love affair with yarn. We are friends...good friends! I am always knitting or crocheting a project and have begun to learn how to make, dye, and spin my own yarn!! Lots of fun for the yarn psycho's!
 Alpaca is much softer, better quality, and very durable and I just plain like it better than wool.
Now, this will serve many purposes. I also plan on having all sorts of classes and crafts available to those who are interested in doing so, and use the fleece from the animals to do so.Also, I can experience something  new, something I love to do, with my own animals, while using them to benefit the lives of others as well. Hopefully, we wont go wrong with that. Plus, there is quite a profit in Alpacas I hear. Nothing wrong with a little extra to provide those little extras (like neato classes) for clients ready to reclaim their lives!

Are you more likely affected by Cancer or Addiction?

Did you know that you are more likely to be affected by addiction than you are by Cancer?

Whether directly or indirectly, 2008 statistics show that 23 million people in America are addicted to drugs and alcohol alone. That doesn't account for all the others who suffer from other forms of addictions such as  sexual addictions and food addictions etc. etc.

Cancer statistics are a little above 11 million.

 Why aren't we donning a colored ribbon and fighting so hard to find a cure, or support those who are currently fighting the disease of addiction?