Friday, January 1, 2010


So I know you are thinking, "What in the world does Alpaca's have to do with a rehab center?"
Well, let me tell you. I wanted animals to begin with as a form of therapy. I think it is important to have something to do, to work at and to work on while detoxing and recovering from substance addiction. It is a great teaching and learning experience to take care of something and have something depend upon YOU.
The other reasons are purely selfish ones, but need to be addressed as well. You see, I have always had this love affair with yarn. We are friends...good friends! I am always knitting or crocheting a project and have begun to learn how to make, dye, and spin my own yarn!! Lots of fun for the yarn psycho's!
 Alpaca is much softer, better quality, and very durable and I just plain like it better than wool.
Now, this will serve many purposes. I also plan on having all sorts of classes and crafts available to those who are interested in doing so, and use the fleece from the animals to do so.Also, I can experience something  new, something I love to do, with my own animals, while using them to benefit the lives of others as well. Hopefully, we wont go wrong with that. Plus, there is quite a profit in Alpacas I hear. Nothing wrong with a little extra to provide those little extras (like neato classes) for clients ready to reclaim their lives!

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