Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Can Change

I believe that all mankind can change and better themselves. I t is usually us that doesn't allow them to, or give them the chance to prove themselves. Why try if we set them up for failure. I dedicate this to all who desire to change and better themselves. * you will have to scroll down and pause the playlist before you play the song.

There are days
You stumble and you fall
And sometimes through it all
You think you'll never stand again
There are times
When choices weigh you down
And bend you to the ground
That's a place that we've all been … but

You can change
You can turn your heart around
A brand new start can be found
If you'll only take one step
You can change
Wrap your mistakes in a cocoon
And let them die
And emerge a butterfly
You can change

Now it's time
To finally spread your wings
And soar to higher things
You know the limit is the sky
As you go
If you sometimes fail
When your spirit's frail
Remember you were meant to fly

You can change
Wrap your mistakes in a cocoon
And let them die
And emerge a butterfly

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rock Bottom

Who came up with the idea that an individual needs to hit "Rock Bottom" before they are able to seek the proper help and recovery that is needed in order to overcome and addiction? So far, there is not an actual medical statistic showing that that is necessary or that it truly exists. 

Who defines what Rock Bottom is? I believe that it is an individual thing. For some it may be a near death experience, others the loss of their family and friends. There is imprisonment, court ordered rehab, and health related issues. Then there are those who are overcome with grief just from knowing what they are doing is wrong. For many, Rock Bottom is located in a casket, and  can not be returned from. 

It is my belief that we are much to blame, especially when it comes to our teenagers and young adult children, when we give up on those we love under the guise that, " well, they aren't going to change. I just need to let them hit Rock Bottom first."  We fool ourselves into thinking that they will come around on their own. In some instances I believe that to be true. Some desire a different path and change. Then there are many who don't see what they are doing is wrong and never do change......then there are those with the most powerful testimonies of change and recovery. Those are the ones with gratitude in their hearts for the individuals who guided them, encouraged them, and believed they could change. 

Please don't wait for your loved one to hit "Rock Bottom". Reach out and catch them, or steady them before they fall. If they fall hard enough, they may not ever return.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Path

 I have always been one of those people who likes to keep things quiet, especially the bigger the "item" of topic is. I do it for various reasons, the biggest being the fact that I like to know that it is something that will actually happen, or that I will follow through with. I hate the repeat of the disappointment that follows telling individuals who come to me and inquire about it, that it didn't or will not happen, or that there are bumps in the road.Well, this time is different.

I have decided to make an announcement in a very public way, because this time I need the support and encouragement of others. This is a very big step for me, and feel like the more who are on my side the better. After all, this blog is about my journey towards addiction healing, and owning my own center.

My announcement,.....That would be.......

I have found an addiction counseling center that is for sale and that I am in the process of trying to acquire it. This is a hard thing for me to disclose. I have people here (in Texas) that I love, and it will be very hard to relocate ( no, I am not disclosing the location at this time). It is also a difficult thing to tell an employer..." hey, I'm buying a business. I don't know when, or if it is really going to happen, so just sit tight and stop worrying, because you will never find someone who is qualified to replace me ;}" In addition to that, it is a difficult thing to acquire.

However hard, this is the road I want to travel. Disappointment may come but it is a challenge I am willing to accept and work towards, even if the outcome is not as I desire. In that case, I will place it among the many stepping stones that line my path towards the final goal. I can use all the support and encouragement I can get.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You find what you are looking for

Great words that have inspired me lately. It is my hope that I am quick to forgive and find the good in others. I cannot expect the same courtesy if I am unwilling to extend this saving principle.

“The greatest good we can do in helping others become what they can become will be to lead them to the Savior.” Todd. D. Christopherson

"Have you ever noticed that people can usually find whatever they are looking for? Look hard enough, and you can discover both good and bad in almost anyone and anything. Those who look for the good will find a kind and compassionate people—a people who love the Lord and desire to serve Him and bless the lives of their fellowman. But it is also true that those who look for the bad will certainly find things that are not so ideal.

We have a choice. We can seek for the bad in others. Or we can make peace and work to extend to others the understanding, fairness, and forgiveness we so desperately desire for ourselves. It is our choice; for whatever we seek, that we will certainly find" .Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, March 7, 2011


In the beginning, our experiment with potentially addictive substances and behaviors may appear harmless. We may even convince ourselves that it is something beautiful...Like this black ribbon in the picture. It temporarily brings us joy, satisfaction, and maybe even euphoria. We are deceived into believing that it is something that is of  good. We soon discover our ribbon is now a chain; A chain that has bound us and renders us helpless, dependent and trapped. We know there is a key to unlock this chain, but feel so helpless and the key seems so far out of our reach. We are bound so tightly...is it even possible to maneuver around to reach the key?

Satan’s plan for men is to lead “them by the neck with a flaxen cord, until he bindeth them with his strong cords forever” (2 Ne. 26:22). He will “pacify” them and “lull them away into carnal security” so that he can lead them “carefully down to hell” (2 Ne. 28:21).

The Savior holds the key to our freedom. Only he can unlock the padlock on our chains. Through him, an opening is made, but great effort will be required on your part to unwind the chains from upon you. He will assist you, and ultimately can aid in the removal of this great burden. He is the way....He IS the key!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Education on Heroin

It is important that we educate ourselves and understand what is out there. Do not put it past your children, your childrens friends, your relatives, your neighbor...etc.etc. It is prevelant, easily acessible, and you are surrounded by it and don't even realize it. Talk to your kids, educate, and protect what you have.