Friday, March 18, 2011

My Path

 I have always been one of those people who likes to keep things quiet, especially the bigger the "item" of topic is. I do it for various reasons, the biggest being the fact that I like to know that it is something that will actually happen, or that I will follow through with. I hate the repeat of the disappointment that follows telling individuals who come to me and inquire about it, that it didn't or will not happen, or that there are bumps in the road.Well, this time is different.

I have decided to make an announcement in a very public way, because this time I need the support and encouragement of others. This is a very big step for me, and feel like the more who are on my side the better. After all, this blog is about my journey towards addiction healing, and owning my own center.

My announcement,.....That would be.......

I have found an addiction counseling center that is for sale and that I am in the process of trying to acquire it. This is a hard thing for me to disclose. I have people here (in Texas) that I love, and it will be very hard to relocate ( no, I am not disclosing the location at this time). It is also a difficult thing to tell an employer..." hey, I'm buying a business. I don't know when, or if it is really going to happen, so just sit tight and stop worrying, because you will never find someone who is qualified to replace me ;}" In addition to that, it is a difficult thing to acquire.

However hard, this is the road I want to travel. Disappointment may come but it is a challenge I am willing to accept and work towards, even if the outcome is not as I desire. In that case, I will place it among the many stepping stones that line my path towards the final goal. I can use all the support and encouragement I can get.

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