Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rock Bottom

Who came up with the idea that an individual needs to hit "Rock Bottom" before they are able to seek the proper help and recovery that is needed in order to overcome and addiction? So far, there is not an actual medical statistic showing that that is necessary or that it truly exists. 

Who defines what Rock Bottom is? I believe that it is an individual thing. For some it may be a near death experience, others the loss of their family and friends. There is imprisonment, court ordered rehab, and health related issues. Then there are those who are overcome with grief just from knowing what they are doing is wrong. For many, Rock Bottom is located in a casket, and  can not be returned from. 

It is my belief that we are much to blame, especially when it comes to our teenagers and young adult children, when we give up on those we love under the guise that, " well, they aren't going to change. I just need to let them hit Rock Bottom first."  We fool ourselves into thinking that they will come around on their own. In some instances I believe that to be true. Some desire a different path and change. Then there are many who don't see what they are doing is wrong and never do change......then there are those with the most powerful testimonies of change and recovery. Those are the ones with gratitude in their hearts for the individuals who guided them, encouraged them, and believed they could change. 

Please don't wait for your loved one to hit "Rock Bottom". Reach out and catch them, or steady them before they fall. If they fall hard enough, they may not ever return.

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