Thursday, November 4, 2010

He Restoreth My Soul

A Life changing book for both my husband and I. It is geared to help understand and breaking the chemical and spiritual chains of Pornography addiction through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Although it is mostly based on Sexual addictions, it has brought to me a better knowledge of all addictions, as well as those that are not an actual chemical or substance.

In the past, I would have been one who thought that Crystal Meth, or Cocaine would be more highly addictive and harder to break than lets say, a food addiction ; or maybe even go as far out there as gaming. Yes ladies and gentlemen, gaming can become an addiction!

These kinds of addictions can almost be harder to break. Not only do they provide our brain the same type of "chemical high" that an actual substance does, but our brain itself produces it. WE PRODUCE THE CHEMICAL! The addiction must still be sought after, like one seeks the crack on the street, but we can actually give ourselves a "boost" just by thinking about or anticipating the "non drug" addiction.

The spiritual damage done by addiction is far greater than many understand.  The physician who wrote this book shared a story of inspiration that he received while performing brain surgery. I quote from his book, " After removing the tumor, I could look through the Foramen of Munroe into the floor of the third ventricle. This area contains the hypothalamus where emotion and hormones interplay. It is close to and connected to the nucleus accumbens, the ventral tegmental area, arcuate nucleus, and locus coeruleus, and all the other integral areas involved in pleasure and emotion. I though of Noonan's quote, long one of my favorites : " And if that which is human is also somehow divine, then nervous tissue is both the means of the miracle and the miracle itself. Complex beyond mans understanding, the human nervous system is the most sophisticated arrangement of cells that exists."

Somehow these structures I was looking at and gently manipulating with curative intent were ports through which the immortal spirit manifested itself to the temporal world.

Although I have performed hundreds of brain surgeries, this one somehow helped me gain more insight into this process than I previously had.

In some way, this unique organ allows our spirit to punch though into this world. It is in the neuron that this transition occurs. That is why damaging the brain is more than just a neurochemical addiction. Because the brain is the most tangible representative of the soul, the merging of the body and the spirit,... damage to the brain literally damages the soul."

If we loose our link to Deity and loose the ability to feel and receive communication from our Father in Heaven, we Spiritually die. If we die spiritually, what good are we in this life or the next.

The Lord has proved tool for us to Return to him. Both spiritually as well as physically. Both are needed to succeed. Come unto Him. He will show you the way, heal your soul, and heal your addictions.

If you would like a copy of the book, please contact me and I can get it for you for a very low cost.

"He Restoreth My Soul"
by Donald L Hilton Jr., MD

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