Sunday, November 7, 2010

Executive Summary

The deeper I delve into this endeavour, the more and more amazed I am at the Lords hand in all things that I do regarding it. I have struggled this week as I have worked on my Executive Summary to submit to the committee for the business competition that I have entered. Not only have I struggled with the words to place upon the paper, but have dealt with quite a bit of discouragement too.

Most often discouragement fuels my fire. It first makes me angry that individuals have such little faith in me, then lights that little " I told you so " fire, and then the work gets done. However, this time I have started to believe what has been said. Maybe this is an insurmountable task.

I did the only thing I knew to do....I prayed. I shared with the Lord all that was on my heart; My desires for this type of business and my reasoning's why. I also shared with him what my shortcomings were and what I was struggling with. I then pleaded with Him as to what to do. How do I move forward, when I don't know how, and I obviously don't have the experience everyone keeps telling me that I lack.

Then something wonderful happened....So much information started to pour into my mind that I had to stop praying. I stopped so that I could write it all down before I forgot it. I then received an email from an old family friend (whom I haven't spoken to for many years) expressing words of encouragement, and sharing with me her thoughts on how proud my parents would be of me.

Shortly after reading that wonderful and God sent email, my son....My 12 year old son comes in and asks me how my "business stuff " is coming. I told him, " I don't know son, it is really hard and I just don't know if I can make it work." He then smiles and looks at me and says, " Of course it will mom. It is your dream, and you are just you, and everything you do turns out great."

The Lord knew what I needed to revive my faith in myself. He gave me knowledge and encouragement all in the same day, and I would've  been foolish not to have recognized it.

I am doing the right thing. The Lord expects great things from me. I know that when others loose faith in me, and even when I loose faith in myself, he grants me those moments and shows me that He still has faith in me.

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