Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have dedicated much of my time lately to one of the steps of Recovery; that being CONFESSION. It is one of the most vital, if not THE most vital step in recovery, yet so many hit a wall when they reach this step. It is quite understandable why; the fear of being rejected, hurting our loved ones even more, etc. etc. Admitting it actually means we have to accept it in our own hearts as well.

Through my studies, I came across some things regarding confession that I desired to share. I wish I could claim some sacred insight to myself, yet these are words of another, but was testified to my heart that these things are true.

The first is in the Bible, Romans 9:10," For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."
Salvation is granted AFTER we confess our sins and then forsake them. Do we just tell anybody our sins or our mistakes, or our addictions? No, there is a difference between a confession and recovery sharing, and the latter is done as support for another individual (which will be addressed at a later time).

Some rationalize that addictions are private sins and that it can be privately worked out. THEY ARE WRONG. It is a lie that the adversary tells us so that he may continue to have claim upon the person for their sins. I quote Donald L Hilton Jr. ,"...given the nature of addiction,it will be impossible to actually quit the behavior without the assistance of others. In secrecy, the person my think he can overcome the addiction by willpower alone and may go for extended periods of abstinence. At some point, however, when the stress is right, isolation returns, and old patterns are rekindled and acting out in the addiction is inevitable. The addiction may lie dormant for months in some cases depending on the resistance, but it will return if the person is not in full recovery. Confession is essential not only for spiritual healing and eventual forgiveness, but for mental and emotional healing and recovery as well."

For those of you who are struggling, be not afraid. Confession is not the end, yet it provides a wonderful feeling of a burden lifted. A weight that is lifted and shared with another, who can help you carry that weight and eventually help you remove it.

For those of your loved ones who are being confessed to, I encourage you to be loving, patient, and understanding. IT WILL HURT! And you will have to recovery in your own sense for the wrong that has been done. Seek the guidance of the Lord, and you will know how to proceed. Encourage them to seek the proper ecclesiastical person to confess to as well, for recovery is not complete without spiritual healing as well as physical.

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