Monday, August 1, 2011

Broke In

The title to my post today has become one of my favorite sayings and ideas so far through this journey. It applies to so much more to addiction recovery and can virtually be used to govern our lives. 

As I was studying the subject of step number 3, surrendering our lives to our creator, i came across an analogy of a horse and how one "brakes" it.  It is something that requires time, patience and effort. But once done,  the horse will heed to the masters command and instructions and can be a great tool in his hand. Sometimes that horse is stubborn and fights to remain the one in control, leaving a wake of destruction and wild behavior in it's path....and sometimes, there are the horses that refuse to be broke in.

When I think of surrendering my life to my creator, I think of that horse being broke in. Not "Broken" or "Broke", but Broke In; Yielding to the masters hand, surrendering my struggle and fight to Him, allowing him to be the leader, to guide me along the path. What a beautiful concept. There is something beautiful that happens when a horse yields to his master, ceases to struggle against the rein and allows him to show him the way.

Are you Broke in, or are you still fighting against the reins? The master horseman is there to shape you into a greater tool, a greater you, a more majestic you. Become "Broke In"

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