Sunday, July 17, 2011


Time is a subject of great interest of mine for a while now. In the past, often thought of as something we are running out of, something that governs my day and schedules, and in some cases I have thought time has run out.  

As time has passed I have begun to realize that " TIME" is something I have for eternity. I don't believe it should be squandered or wasted, and in some aspects time is limited in certain events and circumstances, but in the grand scheme of things it is endless.

With time comes wisdom and understanding, maturity, patience and growth, change and the ability to change if that time is applied correctly. 

Time is something we need to allow ourselves and others to heal, whether it be physically, spiritually, or emotionally. 

Time is essential in recovering from addiction. Growth does not happen over night, but little by little; Line upon line, precept upon precept.  Reflect over your life thus far and where you are at. What has time allotted you to do? And what have you done with your time? What will you continue to do with your time? How can you spend it more wisely? Can you GIVE of your time? Can you give the needed time that the loved one you have with addiction needs in order to grow themselves? 

We have been given eternity to continue to learn and grow as long as we prove worthy of that blessing. If you wish to grow, we must allow others the same opportunity. Change doesn't come easily, but if allowed.....time can heal all wounds.

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