Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teaching your children about sex

How many of you have ever thought, " Gosh, I wish my parents taught me differently about sex ". How many of you have actually gone about a different way of teaching the sacredness of a sexual relationship to your children? Through this journey, I have heard this above statement countless times. 

Being Christian,...not even that, being Mormon, sex is often a Taboo topic among its members. We hold sexual purity in such high esteem, that I think that we fear that if it is discussed too much that our children will explore that avenue and falter. I know that I was taught that sex was a sin unless you were married. It was a bad thing, and anything pertaining to or related to it was bad, and then all the sudden it was a commandment?! Luckily for me that didn't give me a complex like I have seen it give so many others. 

I do believe that this type of relationship is sacred, special, and should be within certain bounds. I believe that it should be held until you are married and that it should be between a man and a woman. Although my beliefs and understanding has grown with age and experience, how I wish my parents had taught me differently. I wish they would have told me things like how fun it  can be, that it strengthens your marriage and is a vital part of your relationship, that it binds you more greatly to your companion, that it isn't just for procreating ( having babies for those of you who are aren't word nerds ). 

We as parents, and those who are members of my church, we need to do a better job at teaching our children these sacred principles. I personally teach my children that a sexual relationship is like going to the temple. It isn't a secret, it isn't a big NO NO, it is just Sacred and that we should prepare ourselves until we are within the appropriate bounds. We look forward to the day we get to go to the temple, why can't we take that same approach. It is lovely, wonderful, sacred, special, fun, and O.K

I think if we can learn to take the "its bad" out of the equation and take a different approach, our children will have a healthier outlook, both mentally and spiritually, on sex and relationships both before and after marriage. There will always be temptation, and there will always be times that individuals falter, but I think we would see a difference in many aspects if we would take a different step towards teaching our children.

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