Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signs of the times

When we think of the word "Plague" what is it that first comes to thought? Some will say disease, sores upon the body maybe. Then there is flies, or crickets....but how about pornography? Is that typically something that you would associate with a plague?

Throughout the Scriptures we are warned of plagues to precede the coming of the Lord, but who said that they are limited to ancient descriptions of plagues such as lice and frogs and boils upon the flesh? My friends I stand before you today and declare that pornography is indeed a plague that is rapidly overtaking us. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a man who has not in some form partaken in it. Women are not susceptible and our young ones are the targets for the future. It is a trap which is difficult to escape from. You can purge your body of a substance, but you can never fully purge your mind of images placed within. 

I quote Boyd K. Packer, 
"In our day the dreadful influence of pornography is like unto a plague sweeping across the world, infecting one here and one there, relentlessly trying to invade every home, most frequently through the husband and father. The effect of this plague can be, unfortunately often is, spiritually fatal.

We raise an alarm and warn members of the Church to wake up and understand what is going on. Parents, be alert, ever watchful that this wickedness might threaten your family circle."

I want to raise an alarm as well...We can not take enough precautions in order to keep this out of our home. We must "Inoculate" or "Vaccinate" ourselves against this. Wives, go ask your husbands if they have or are participating in this great evil! Listen with your heart, and if admission takes place please try and see it for what it is...It will hurt, but you both can get past it and grow through it together. Parents...place security measures on your televisions and most crucially on your computers. Talk to you children. YES, have this conversation with them. If you wait until you think they are old enough to understand, you will find that they have already been educated after the fashion of the world and will know far more than you had hoped and did not have the courage to speak with you regarding it.
If you have and or are suffering with this addiction, there are avenues to help you, there are steps to take to overcome this. YOU CAN CHANGE! But it requires great effort. Have faith, have courage, and surrender it to the Lord.

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