Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Rythm of Hope

As you begin to read, you should hear the beginnings of a song; A song titled HOPE. I was moved by this song, and the characteristics of the rhythm to my own definition and feelings of hope.

Those without hope find it hard to begin at first. It is slow, almost tedious sounding,requiring great effort to continue...but your efforts must remain constant. You want to drop the beat, but don't. You tread a little further, wondering if the mundane will ever change.

As you carry on, you find that the beat ever so slightly quickens, but remains constant. Then lightly, almost unexpected...you are uplifted...just a little, with a feeling that maybe it just isn't quite so bad. Your beat continues within you, driving you to remain constant...steady.

Moments come and you feel the brief glimmers of it creeping upon you. Just like the first steps of an infant, it comes and goes, but as your beat remains constant you find that Hope is slowly taking its place within your heart.

Piercing from the darkness, comes this small ray of light. It is warm, it is love, it is light and begins to replaces the weight upon your soul. As it gently swells, it is powerfully lifting you up to heights you didn't think you could reach, yet it is doing it ever so subtly and tenderly. The beat is no longer the for runner, it is now the support. It is what allowed the melody to take place and take root within you . The one is not complete without the other.

It isn't grand, there is no  magnificent display surrounding it....

it just IS.

You feel light, you feel free, you hear the joy within your soul. The cherished desire and the will to carry on is firmly fixed. In the end, the peace you sought is achieved through simple, consistent, and tender rhythms.

*If you would like to hear the song again, please scroll down to the playlist and click on the first song titled Hope

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