Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Greater understanding of Sexual addiction came to me when a WOMAN confessed her struggles to me and shared with me her addiction and the guilt, shame, and pain that was associated with it. Honestly, I was very unwilling to be understanding UNTIL I was able to see it and view it from a Womans eyes. I always felt that it was a mans issue, not a womans. She directed me to a wonderful website. It is for woman, but encourage you to check it out to have a greater understanding of what it is that men feel too. REAL SEX ADDICT don't wave that little flag around as soon as they are caught, real addict hide their addiction and shame in the darkness and are fearful of being discovered. They don't know why they do it or how to stop. Please please go to this website and read some of the article and go to the forum and read what it is sex addicts really go through, You will gain a greater knowlegde as well as more compassion for both men and women in this position.

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