Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How can we call ourselves Christian?

N.Eldon Tanner
“How can we call ourselves Christians and say we love our neighbor – who is anyone in need of help – and fail to work with others who are endeavoring to set up facilities to assist alcoholics, drug users, or parolees from our prison? Yet there are those who would actually hamper such efforts because they object to having such facilities in their midst. These unfortunate people NEED OUR HELP. Surely we must be prepared to be the good Samaritan and help wherever possible.

How many of us keep the Word of Wisdom STRICTLY, but are most intemperate in our prejudices and condemnations of others? Are there any of us who, as businessmen, are meticulously polite and most regular in church attendance and yet accept glaring inequities in the social structure, and who may be unfair or dishonest in dealing with our neighbor? Are we truly interested in and concerned with the well-being of our neighbors?”

I love what I do and will continue to love and support those who desire to change their lives for the better and will provide them a place to do so. “All man kind may be saved”(3rd Article of Faith) and can change….are you willing to let them.
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